Globe7pcsolution - Online pc repair scam

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Not resolved is another Indian scam,same tactics as onlinepccare or

Cold calling pc owners and claiming to work for Microsoft and the persons pc sent a report to say that there were errors on it. They say they will fix it but we all know what their fixes mean, installing viruses and spyware and taking control of your pc. Plus,robbing your credit card details. I am sick of them calling me and the harassment they give.

Can nothing be done to shut down their sites?.

Also the call centers they phone from should be shut down.

What part of 'NO' do they not understand?.

Review about: Scammers.



I kept my bloke on the line for nearly half an hour while catching up on email. Told him I had Win98 and agreed with everything he said without really listening.

Managed to get his supervisor really riled by spending 10 mins refusing to understand why I should tell him the Transaction ID following my "credit card payment"

That's half an hour they can't be scamming more vulnerable folks... Hee hee.. such fun!

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